GLC Overview

What is GLC Inc? –
Founded 1984 / Incorporated 2004

Great Lakes Congress, Inc. is an Illinois Not For Profit Corporation, as well as a 501 (c) (3) Federal Educational Not For Profit Corporation.

We seek to teach youth and adults about horses and horsemanship, using model horses. The positive lessons we seek to share include goal-setting, patience, self-reliance, confidence and good sportsmanship.

To the model horse world, we are a great group of people who love the model horse hobby, want to promote the hobby, and provide education and competition opportunities to the model horse community.

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You can reach us via email at, and follow us on Facebook!

What is the purpose of GLC Inc?

Teach kids and adults about horses and horsemanship, using model horses.

Promote interest in the model horse hobby through the sharing of knowledge of both live and model horses with the general public.

We invite various groups, including 4-H clubs and girl scout groups, to come and learn about our hobby and the real horse world.

We invite the general public to attend our shows, and learn about horses and horsemanship.

Provide educational, competitive, and social opportunities to new and continuing model horse hobby participants.

The club sponsors educational seminars and clinics to educate the members and guests on various aspects of the model horse hobby.

The club allows for the novice hobbyist to learn from the veterans by promoting mentorships.

The club sponsors an apprentice judging program to encourage and teach new people how to judge the various competitions.

Contribute to the model horse hobby and the general public in a positive manner.

The club promotes good sportmanship in all its competitions.

The club encourages appreciation for the equestrian art created in this hobby by showcasing various artists’ work.

Support and encourage Great Lakes Congress member participation through various association activities, in addition to those listed above.

Annual meetings.

Bi-monthly meetings.

Club award program for members and their model horses, promoting competition and participation.

Club photo show program for members, promoting knowledge of real horse breeds and real horse riding disciplines.


What type of activities are available to GLC Inc. members?

Members can choose their activity level based upon their availability. They can:

• Attend and participate in our shows, including judging.
• Hold performance clinics.
• Host educational clinics.
• Vote for GLC Inc. leadership.
• Hold office in GLC, Inc.
• Participate in bi-monthly membership meetings.
• Select and sell a Special Run model.
• Promote the model horse hobby in your area.


Why should I join GLC Inc?

Because not only is model horse showing fun for the whole family, membership also gives you these great perks:

  • Discounts on Special Run models.
  • Discounts on GLC Show entry fees.
  • Discounts on GLC Inc items like t-shirts, calendars, etc.


Additional Membership Guidelines


These rules may be reviewed and changed annually by the Board of Directors without notice as long as the change is not required to be voted upon as outlined in The By-Laws. Membership suggestion as to the content of the Membership Rules is welcome at any time.


Dues will be due on January 1st of each calendar year. Dues are $35 per adult or $15 per youth. For family groups of more than three (3) people in the same household, there will be a discount as follows: * $35.00 for first adult member, $20.00 for second adult member, $10.00 for each additional member (regardless of age).
* If there is only one adult member, $35.00 for adult member, $15.00 for first junior member, $10.00 for each additional member.
* If there are no adult members, $15.00 for first junior member, $15.00 for second junior member, $10.00 for each additional member.

Membership Meetings

GLC Inc. holds membership meetings throughout the year. Watch Facebook and our website for details.