August 25, 2018 — No Frills PLUS Resin and Custom Workmanship Show

August 25, 2018 Show Packet

Download the show packet in .pdf here: 18AugNoFrillsPacket format

August 25, 2018 Show Packet

Download the show packet in Word format here: 18AugNoFrillsPacket

August 25, 2018 Classlist

Download the classlist in .pdf format here: 18AugNoFrillsClasslist

August 25, 2018 Classlist

Download the classlist in Word format here: 18AugNoFrillsClasslist

Show Dates

We will have THREE special shows this fall, which combine our popular No Frills format with a specialty. These shows maintain our No Frills format, but include a specialty show as listed below. It’s like getting TWO shows in one!

  • Saturday, August 25, 2018 — No Frills/Resin and Custom Workmanship
  • Saturday, October 20, 2018 — No Frills/Plastic Collectibility
  • Saturday, December 1, 2018 — No Frills/China Collectibility



Huntley Park District
12015 Mill Street
Huntley, IL

Purpose: GLC Inc. presents this educational series in order to promote and encourage interest in the study of horses and the hobby of model horses, and to provide opportunities to individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities regarding model horse judging skills. We welcome new faces, and all skill levels. Please join us!

Times: Show hall opens at 7:15 am; judging starts at 8 am. Show concludes by 4 p.m.

GLC Member Incentive

  1. All GLC members receive a $10 discount on shows. Thus, their cost is $25 to enter a show. Membership is $35/year for adults; $15/year for youth. Membership runs on the calendar year. See our membership form on this website (go to Our Organization — Become a Member) to join or renew your membership today.
  2. For more information about membership, please contact us at
  3. Members have the first opportunity to enter the No Frills Series shows and to purchase special runs offered exclusively to members.


All attendees of the Great Lakes Congress 2009 Specialty Show Series agree that the officers, members, and invitees of the Show conducted by the Great Lakes Congress, Inc., as well as the personnel of the Huntley Park District and their respective organizations are not and shall not be responsible for any liability loss including theft, personal injury, or property damage arising out of or in connection with the Show.

Entry Information

  1. Entry fee for each show is $40 ($25 for GLC members). Proxy horses may be shown at $3 per horse per class, up to ten (10) horses; beyond that the proxy entrant will pay the regular $30 entry fee. There is no proxy discount for GLC members.
  2. NO REFUNDS and no show rollovers. If you cannot make the show, your entry fee becomes a donation.
  3. Hall space is limited. Entries will NOT be reserved without payment or a completed entry form (see attached) for this series. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  4. Your entry fee buys you ONE table for show/display/sales. Extra tables must be purchased separately. Fees for extra tables are the same as entry fees.
  5. If you have fewer than 25 horses, you are asked to use a ROUND table. LONG tables will be reserved for larger showstrings.
  6. No fee/entry sharing is allowed. Everyone must personally own the models they are exhibiting, unless they are being proxy shown.
  7. Proxy entries must clearly mark their entry form as a Proxy Entry and the entry will not be allocated table space (this shall be the responsibility of the proxy shower unless other arrangements are made).
  8. GLC, Inc’s Refund Policy is as follows: No refunds shall be given unless the paid entrant’s spot can be filled by another entrant.
  9. Please complete the entry form, and pay via PayPal ( You may also mail your entry to Great Lakes Congress, Inc., 12172 S. Rt. 47, Suite 204, Huntley, IL 60142. Checks or Money Orders must be made payable to Great Lakes Congress, Inc.
  10. Please note: There will be a $55 charge for any checks returned for insufficient funds (bank fee plus $10). In addition to the insufficient funds charge, the check writer will be asked to pay cash/money order for any other shows, raffle tickets, or silent auction items for the next 12 months. If two checks are returned for insufficient funds within the space of two years, GLC reserves the right to deny future show entries.

Day of Show Information

  1. The judges will be available for feedback on your entry when requested. Judges will give a detailed summary of their judging appraisal of each class as needed or requested.
  2. We will apply for North American Model Horse Shows Association (NAMHSA) approval for all shows. NAN rules will be applied at those shows that are NAN approved. You can learn more about NAMHSA here:
  3. First and second place equids will receive a NAN card in all qualifying NAMHSA classes.
  4. Models are to be identified with stringed tags. Side A: breed and gender; Side B: horse’s name and owner’s initials. For OF Collectibility, a breed designation is not necessary as the horse is not being judged on breed.
  5. We will have multiple rings running simultaneously. Please listen for your division and classes!
  6. Classes will be placed first through sixth place. Recycled flat ribbons and recycled rosettes will be awarded during the series.
  7. Entrants are allowed *2* horses per class for OF Plastic. All other divisions are allowed *3* horses per class. Up to two (2) additional horses may be entered per halter class at the cost of $1.00 each. The entrant shall place the additional fee next to the extra horse(s) s/he is entering. The entrant is responsible for having correct change as GLC, Inc. cannot guarantee having small bills.
  8. Classes may be split at judge’s discretion.
  9. Questions about entries and classes should be directed to the appropriate judge.
  10. No animals and no smoking are allowed at any of our events. Thank you!

General Collectability/Workmanship Class Rules:

  1. ANY entries that are deemed inappropriate by the GLC Inc Live Show Committee (including Anything Goes) will be excused from the ring.
  2. Collectability information is required for those horses in collectability classes. Please keep this information succinct. Please note that the judge has the right to refuse to place horses with no collectabilty information provided.
  3. Individual collectable models will be judged on rarity, condition (including mold and paint quality), and the judge’s preference.
  4. Horses may enter all applicable workmanship classes.

CM/AR Definitions

  • Horses that are mostly plastic (75%) shall show in the CM
  • Horses that are mostly resin (75%) shall show in the AR
  • Slight AR/CM: change to mane and/or tail, and/or one or two ears.
  • Moderate AR/CM: any slight changes PLUS a turned or tucked head or one to two minor movement of limbs.
  • Drastic AR/CM: major body work including moving of two or more legs, a remade neck, rebuilt/remuscled body, a replaced head, or replaced limbs

Collector Display Classes:

  1. Display entries must include ONLY EIGHT original finish models.
  2. Exhibitors are REQUIRED to display a card stating the display’s collectable information.
  3. Displays will be judged on: Presentation, Age Span, Variety, and Condition.
  4. Each display class will have about a 20 minute window: 10 minutes for set-up, 5 minutes for judging, and 5 minutes for viewing.
  5. These classes may be held at lunchtime or at other times during the day, at the judge’s discretion.

Clarifying Notes for Breyer Collectability:

  1. Limit of only two models per class, per exhibitor in OF Breyer. Entrants can also exercise the option of adding additional horses for $1 per horse per class. See further rules in the information packet (“Day of Show Information” #6).
  2. This division is for all scales of models.
  3. Each model can show in ONLY ONE CLASS (not including Collector Display Class), please select the best class for your horse. No cross entering allowed.
  4. No fantasy models permitted in Classes 60 thru 105.
  5. All OF porcelain or resin models must go in Class 98.
  6. All models attached to clocks must go in Class 99.
  7. Translucent horses shall be shown in the appropriate decorator classes.

*Horses produced in years that cross class lines should be entered according to the MOST RECENT year that the run was produced. For example, a model produced 1978-1982 would be entered in the class “1980-present.”

**”Factory Oops!” classes are for regular run horses released with a significant change in their paint job from the rest of the run. Examples would include unpainted eyes/hooves, missing spots on an Appaloosa, missing bars on a dun, etc. If the change in paint job is known to exist in more than 10 horses or more than 20% of a small run, it is considered to be a variation, not an “oops!” Variations would include lighter/darker paint, more/fewer spots without changing overall paint job, and runs acknowledged in Breyer Animal Collector’s Guide (or equivalent) to have varying markings.

***A “Catalog/Mass Retailer” horse is defined as one available only through a catalog or a specific retailer. Examples include JC Penney, Target, Sears, State Line Tack, QVC or Toys “R” Us.


We will be taking a brief break (about 30 minutes) for lunch. You are welcome to leave the show hall and go out for fast food, or you can bring your own lunch. Nearby fast-food outlets include McDonald’s and Dairy Mart (full menu) to the north, Culver’s to the south, all on Route 47.

GLC Inc Raffles and Silent Auction:

We will have raffle and silent auction items at each show. You never know what the raffle items might be! Raffle winners will be drawn on or around 2 p.m. during each show. Please note we are not allowed to sell tickets to persons under 18 years of age. Tickets will be sold for $1 each or 6 for $5.

Live Show Judges:

Judging consistency in each division is our goal. The Great Lakes Congress reserves the right to interchange judges between divisions and employ judges other than those listed when necessary. If you have an entry in a class that was created, finished, or previously owned by the judge, please let the show secretary know and another judge will be assigned to that class. When a judge and the stewards are attending to a class, please do not disturb them. All judges’ decisions are final.

Judge Apprenticeship Program:

Our program is currently in development. For more information, please contact us at

Tentative Judges Are As Follows:

GLC Inc. reserves the right to replace or switch judges as necessary.

Judges to be determined.


Rt 20 exit off I-90 (WEST of 47): Super 8 in Hampshire
Randall Road exit off I-90 (EAST of 47): Comfort Inn and Suites
US 31 exit off I-90 (EAST of 47, past Randall Road): Holiday Inn & Marriott Courtyard in Elgin
North of Huntley, on Route 47: Days Inn in Woodstock

Directions to Huntley Park District

From I-90 (eastbound or westbound)
Take 47 North.
Continue through three stoplights. You will see Deicke Park on your left. Immediately after the Park is Mill Street. Turn left on Mill. Go through 4-way stop, school is on your left. You may park in the parking lot in the front of the building, or the lot in the rear. The Theater is in the center of the building, and is ramp accessible from both sides. 

From the North
Take 47 into Huntley.
Mill Street is the first intersection past Main Street. Turn right on Mill. Go through 4-way stop, school is on your left. You may park in the parking lot in the front of the building, or the lot in the rear. The Theater is in the center of the building, and is ramp accessible from both sides.

From the South
Take 47 into Huntley. See I-90 Directions, above.