No Mini Show for 2020

All-Mini Specialty Show – Saturday, XX, XXXX

NAN Qualified!

This show is limited to Paddock Pal/Little Bit size and smaller (including Breyer Stablemates and Stone Chips).

Download the show packet in .pdf format 2018 GLC All Mini Packet. Download the show packet in Word format 2018 GLC All Mini Packet
Download the classlist in .pdf format 2018 No Frills All Mini Show Classlist Download the classlist in Word format 2018 No Frills All Mini Show Classlist

Show Location/Information

Huntley Park District
12015 Mill Street
Huntley, IL

Times: Show hall opens at 7:15 am; judging starts at 8 am, event concludes at 4 p.m.

This show is open to: Only Paddock Pal/Little Bit sizes and smaller

Purpose: GLC Inc. presents this educational series in order to promote and encourage interest in the study of horses and the hobby of model horses, and to provide opportunities to individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities regarding model horse judging skills. We welcome new faces, and all skill levels. Please join us!

GLC Member Incentive:

  1. All GLC members receive a $15 discount on shows. Thus, their cost is $25 to enter a show. Membership is $35/year for adults; $15/year for youth. Membership runs on the calendar year. To join, click hereFor more information about membership, please contact us at
  2. Members have the first opportunity to purchase special runs offered exclusively to members.


All attendees of the Great Lakes Congress 2017 No Frills Show Series agree that the officers, members, and invitees of the Show conducted by the Great Lakes Congress, Inc., as well as the personnel of the Huntley Park District and their respective organizations are not and shall not be responsible for any liability loss including theft, personal injury, or property damage arising out of or in connection with the Show.

Entry Information:

  1. Entry fee for each show is $40 ($25 for GLC members). Proxy horses may be shown at $3 per horse per class, up to ten (10) horses; beyond that the proxy entrant will pay the regular $35 entry fee. There is no proxy discount for GLC members.
  2. Hall space is limited. Entries will NOT be reserved without payment or a completed entry form (see attached) for this series. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  3. Your entry fee buys you ONE table for show/display/sales. Extra tables must be purchased separately. Fees for extra tables are the same as entry fees.
  4. If you have fewer than 25 horses, you are asked to use a ROUND table. LONG tables will be reserved for larger showstrings.
  5. No fee/entry sharing is allowed. Everyone must personally own the models they are exhibiting, unless they are being proxy shown.
  6. Proxy entries must clearly mark their entry form as a Proxy Entry and the entry will not be allocated table space (this shall be the responsibility of the proxy shower unless other arrangements are made).
  7. GLC, Inc’s Refund Policy is as follows: No refunds shall be given unless the paid entrant’s spot can be filled by another entrant.
  8. Please complete the entry form (, and pay via PayPal ( You may also mail your entry to Great Lakes Congress, Inc., 12172 S. Rt. 47, Suite 204, Huntley, IL 60142. Checks or Money Orders must be made payable to Great Lakes Congress, Inc.
  9. Please note: There will be a $55 charge for any checks returned for insufficient funds (bank fee plus $10). In addition to the insufficient funds charge, the check writer will be asked to pay cash/money order for any other shows, raffle tickets, or silent auction items for the next 12 months. If two checks are returned for insufficient funds within the space of two years, GLC reserves the right to deny future show entries.

Day Of Show Information:

  1. The judges will be available for feedback on your entry when requested. Judges will give a detailed summary of their judging appraisal of each class as needed or requested.
  2. We will be applying for all shows to be approved for NAMHSA membership. NAN rules will be applied at those shows that are NAN approved.
  3. Models are to be identified with stringed tags. Side A: breed and gender; Side B: horse’s name and owner’s initials.
  4. We will have multiple rings running simultaneously. Please listen for your division and classes!
  5. Classes will be placed first through sixth place. Recycled flat ribbons and recycled custom rosettes will be awarded during the series.
  6. Entrants are allowed three horses per class in halter, two in performance. Up to two (2) additional horses may be entered per class at the cost of $1.00 each. The entrant shall place the additional fee next to the extra horse(s) she is entering. The entrant is responsible for having correct change as GLC, Inc. cannot guarantee having small bills.
  7. Classes may be split at judge’s discretion.
  8. No animals and no smoking are allowed at any of our events. Thank you!

GLC Raffles and Silent Auction:

We will have a few special raffle and silent auction items at each show. You never know what you’re going to find! We also accept donations of items to include in the raffle and auction. These donations are tax-deductible as GLC, Inc. is a non-profit organization.

Halter Division Information:

Rare Plastic Halter: ALL test run models and any special runs totaling 35 and fewer horses. Finish differences (gloss vs. matte) are not considered separate runs, so only editions where the glossy and matte combined are 35 and fewer will go in this division. Please note that GLC Performance Challenge models go in this division. These classes (with the exception of specific collectability classes) will be judged on breed standards.

Non Plastic Rare Halter: ALL test and custom glazed china models and runs under 10. These classes (with the exception of specific collectability classes) will be judged on breed standards.

Custom and Artist Resin classes: These are two separate divisions. They will be held concurrently with entries divided within the ring. For example, the judge will call CM/AR Arabians. The CMs will be put on one side of the ring, while ARs will be put on the other side of the ring. The judge will then judge them as two separate classes. Entries are 3 horses/class, so an entrant can have 3 CM Arabs and 3 AR Arabs.

Halter Classes:

  1. Each halter horse may show in only one breed class. Entrants may not show a horse in one class, then change its breed and show it in another class. NOTE: if the judge removes a horse from a class due to its breed (ex: a Morab in the “Other Light” class when it should be in “Half-Arabian/NSH”), the horse may be entered in the correct breed class if that class has not been closed.
  2. ALL models that are not pure breeds or a registerable breed MUST go into the mixed breed class.
  3. Half-Arabian/NSH: All half-Arabian crosses (registerable as Half-Arabians with the Arabian Horse Association) and all Arab horse crosses that are traditionally 1/4 or more Arabian, including but not limited to NSH, Morab, and Pintabian. Welaras should not be in this class, as they are considered ponies.
  4. All Welsh Cobs and Welsh Ponies show in the Ponies classes.
  5. Akhal Tekes show in the Other Light Breeds classes.
  6. Spanish Mustangs show in the Mustang classes.
  7. The Hackney Ponies show in the Ponies classes.
  8. Carriage Breeds go in the Other Sport classes (Friesians, Cleveland Bays, Gypsy Vanners, Hackney Horses, Doles, Norman Cobs, Dutch Tuigpaards, Orlov trotters, Fredericksborgs, Kladrupers, etc.).
  9. Old World Spanish is for breeds that originated in Europe, like the Lippizaner etc.
  10. New World Spanish is for breeds that originated in North and South America, like the Azteca, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, etc.
  11. For the Non Plastic Rare division:
    * Please put any gaited horses into the Other Pure/Mixed Breeds class.

Performance Classes:

The Other Miscellaneous performance class is for entries that do not fit into the Other English and Other Western performance classes. Champs are to be done by points, with consideration given to horses showing and placing in only one class.

Non-Realistic Classes:

Non-realistic classes include woodgrain and decorator colors. These classes are judged on collectability, not breed, and will receive yellow NAN cards.

Anything Goes Class:

We will have an Anything Goes class at each show, be creative and enter! (Offensive entries will not be allowed). This class is not NAN-qualifying

Judges and Judge Apprenticeship:

Judge Apprenticeship
If you would like to shadow a judge, please contact us at

Live Show Judges:

Judges will be listed on our website: GLC Inc. reserves the right to replace or switch judges as necessary.


From I-90 (westbound or eastbound)
Take 47 North.  You will see Deicke Park on your left. Immediately after the Park is Mill Street. Turn left on Mill. Go through 4-way stop, school is on your left. You may park in the parking lot in the front of the building, or the lot in the rear. The Theater is in the center of the building, and is ramp accessible from both sides.

From the North
Take 47 into Huntley.
Mill Street is the first intersection past Main Street. Turn right on Mill. Go through 4-way stop, school is on your left. You may park in the parking lot in the front of the building, or the lot in the rear. The Theater is in the center of the building, and is ramp accessible from both sides.

From the South
See directions for I-90, above.


Rt 20 exit off I-90 (WEST of 47): Super 8 in Hampshire
Randall Road exit off I-90 (EAST of 47): Comfort Inn and Suites
US 31 exit off I-90 (EAST of 47, past Randall Road): Holiday Inn & Marriott Courtyard in Elgin
North of Huntley, on Route 47: Days Inn in Woodstock