Standing Rules

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As per Robert’s Rules [RONR (10th ed.) p.18, l. 16], a standing rule can be adopted by a majority vote at any business meeting without previous notice.

I Elections

A. Election of Officers and Directors shall take place by ballot in person during the annual meeting.

B. Elections will be conducted by secret ballot.

C. All members in good standing and in attendance at the meeting, regardless of age, shall have voting privileges.

D. All adult members in good standing have the right to hold office.

E. Space on the ballot after each office title shall be provided in order to write in the names for the voter’s choice of candidates. Write-in names for officers shall be counted provided such persons are eligible for the office.

F. A majority vote shall elect. In the case there is only one nominee for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, the ballot for that office may be dispensed with and the presiding officer may declare that nominee elected.

G. At the end of the elections, a motion may be made to destroy the ballots and tally sheets.

H. Results shall be reported in the GLC Newsletter, GLC listserv, and/or any other timely manner the Board deems necessary.

II Financial Policies & Procedures

A. Bank Accounts

  1. The Treasurer will have the main check signing responsibilities, with the President authorized to sign checks as needed.
  2. No electronic transfers may be permitted to remove funds from any GLC accounts unless previously approved by the Board of Directors.

B. Donation Policy

Letters will be written to any donor who gives a donation of judging time, cash or items to GLC, Inc., regardless of value. A current Board member must sign donation letters. The treasurer and the president must keep a copy of all letters. All known donors will receive a thank you letter from GLC Inc. in recognition of their donation(s) within a reasonable time frame.

C. Expenditures

  1. The treasurer will propose an annual budget. Upon review, the Board of Directors will approve the budget. All expenditures approved in the annual budget do not require additional approval by the Board. Any expenditure outside this budget will need approval from the directors or membership prior to their occurrence.
  2. Any approved expenditure will be reimbursed when the treasurer is presented with a receipt and/or documentation for the expenditure.
  3. Any club expenditure over $50.00 will require prior approval of the Board of Directors.

D. Financial Reporting

  1. The Treasurer will prepare a detailed bi-monthly financial report in a timely manner and post it to the club list group and present it to the membership at each Membership Meeting.
  2. The treasurer will make the account check register available for review by the membership at each Membership Meeting.
  3. The treasurer shall make all financial records available to the Auditing Committee. The treasurer and president are to be available to the audit committee as a resource as needed, but are not to be members of the committee.

E. Money Handling Procedures

  1. If a club transaction is to be conducted in cash (with the exception of raffle ticket sales), a receipt must be given to the payer that is signed and dated by a current member of the organization.
  2. All checks received by a GLC representative are to be endorsed “For Deposit Only”.
  3. All checks received by a GLC representative are to be recorded with the name, number and amount of the check; reported to the treasurer; and deposited in the GLC bank account in a timely manner.
  4. All fund disbursements are to be made in the form of club check, debit card, or Paypal, with the exception of petty cash where approved.
  5. No checks may be written out to “Cash” unless previously approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. No person may sign a check made payable to themselves.
  7. An email message will be sent to the club list when a deposit into the account is made. The message will include all recorded information from the checks deposited.
  8. GLC Inc. Credit card and debit cards are to only be used at the direction of the Board with a preapproved amount for each expenditure.

F. Non-sufficient Funds

There will be a $40.00 fee charged for any check returned for non-sufficient funds.

G. Refund Policy

Refunds will be given in accordance with the current information for that event. All event refund policies should include a cancellation deadline.

H. Taxes — Forms & Reports

  1. All club tax returns will be prepared by the Treasurer with assistance, when needed, from a CPA.
  2. The Treasurer will maintain the calendar by which GLC Inc. is to submit any and all required paperwork to the state and federal governments. Any and all members will provide any and all necessary information to the Treasurer upon request in order to complete the required paperwork.

I. Treasurer’s Responsibilities

  1. The treasurer will issue checks for all approved expenses.
  2. The treasurer will reconcile the checking account on a monthly basis.
  3. All received invoices and receipts are to be marked paid with the date and check number when paid.
  4. The treasurer is responsible for paying all approved expenses and bills in a timely manner.
  5. The treasurer shall prepare a proposed annual budget for review by the Board of Directors.

III Membership

A. Membership Dues

Individual membership fees are $35.00 a year.

Youth membership fees are $15.00 a year.

For family groups of more than three (3) people in the same household, there will be a discount as follows:

  • $35.00 for first adult member, $20.00 for second adult member, $10.00 for each additional member (regardless of age).
  • If there is only one adult member, $35.00 for adult member, $15.00 for first junior member, $10.00 for each additional member.
  • If there are no adult members, $15.00 for first junior member, $15.00 for second junior member, $10.00 for each additional member.
  • Each member is entitled to one vote. Dues are due on January 1st of each calendar year.

B. Membership Meetings

The membership meetings shall contain the following:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Reading and Approval of Minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Committee Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Adjournment

C. Membership Rules

Membership rules shall be reviewed, amended if necessary, and approved by a majority vote at a membership meeting on an annual basis.

D. Standing Committees

  1. Election and Nominating Committee – Prior to the annual meeting, the President shall appoint a Election and Nominating Committee Chairperson and committee, comprised of three members of the Club membership, one of whom shall be a Board Member. The committee shall invite and encourage the nominations of one or more candidates for each office to be filled. The committee shall prepare, present and collect the ballots for the election, and notify the membership of the results.
  2. Finance Committee – The treasurer shall be the chairman of the Finance Committee and may appoint additional members. It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare a budget for the fiscal year and to submit it to the Board of Directors.
  3. Auditing Committee – Annually an audit committee comprised of three current members at large will conduct an internal audit of the club’s accounts. The three members at large are to be different people each year, and appointed by the president with the approval of the Board of Directors. The treasurer and president are to be available to the audit committee as a resource as needed, but are not to be members of the committee. The committee will prepare a statement that verifies that the books were reviewed and found to be in good order, and present that statement to the membership. All members of this committee have the responsibility to report to the membership any activity which seems unreasonable or questionable.
  4. Membership and Program Committee – The Membership and Program Committee shall consist of a chairman and additional members. The chairman shall keep a detailed listing of all current members. The purpose of this committee is to encourage membership growth and participation. In addition, the committee shall facilitate the educational programs and activities of the organization.
  5. Yahoo Moderator Committee – Moderators of the GLC Inc. yahoogroups will include the current president and two current board members. Changes in moderators after a GLC Inc. election will occur within one week of the election.

E. Non-Member Rules

  1. All non-member show announcements can only post to the GLCLive list once per week.

Last Updated June 2009